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Let God's peace reign in your hearts.. Speak God's word and it shall come to pass.
Psalms 118: 16 The hand of God is raised in victory. The hand of God turns the tide

Bamedia is a place to find information as well as books, articles, Audios/radio to help you in your upward movement through life. You will enjoy encouraging content, spiritual insights, real life events or articles to cause you to participate in your own corner of the world or think of better ways to live your life. We also pray for our members every day. Be a member free of charge. Our customers mean a lot to us because  you take your time to find this place and connect with us. You will find here, book discounts, promotions, book talks, blogs as well as venues where you could meet the author  Many of the articles by the author are here as well as at If you like to listen, there are some exciting audio clips that not just entertain, but build you up in the path of life.



January is a thanksgiving month. I thank God for coming this far with me and with my life. I get to tell him he is very special to me because he is a father like no other!


hat do we have about January? I

t is the time to make new resolutions

January is the beginning of our lunar calendar

January is a new beginning
January is for you to make some changes that you want.
January can be an eye opener
January is your birth month
I live in the United States of America. One time In January, A strong soldier for Jesus decided to get out and do something. Not everybody is called to do the same thing. 
What are your resolutions for this Year
  • Will you love your neighbor like your love yourself?
  • Will you demonstrate Gods grace that he has demonstrated to you
  • Will you be faithful to your heart and believe you are born for greatness even when things around you say no?
  • Will Gods words work miracles for you? Then believe what God says about you.
  • You are created in Gods own image and he loves you dearly. The maker came to earth t make you ( specific)


December is an exciting month for many of us


    Beloved, it is important to know and serve the person who never sleeps or slumbers. Jesus never slumbers nor sleeps. He is for ever available to hear from you . In the morning , in the afternoon, in the evening, in the night. So make up your mind today right now to trust in Him. He came to earth. He walked on the earth and demonstrated God's love to people. He died and was buried.according to scripture. Then he arose from the grave with power and went to Heaven where he had come from. Now he waits for you to trust in him. He is the Son of God with power. He loves you. He is not condemning you just waiting for you to trust in him. Come now and come today just as you are. First comes your trust in him, then the daily walk begins
     Time is of essence. Please come to the Lord to day. You may have been wondering whether you need to or not. Yes you need to because it becomes a personal walk . Just you and God. Wherever you are you can chose to trust in Jesus today. He is your good news. Right now you do not see anything that is set in stone. There are many uncomfortable things happening daily. Make a decision and do what is right for you. Only after that can you be an effective church person. You may already be inside some building (church) every week and serving on every volunteer activity. People know you and approve of you. Nevertheless God is telling you it is time to
ACCEPT HIS SON for what he did on the cross for you?" . That way you can always have access to God and talk your business boldly with him. And eventually be with him forever. 
If you choose Jesus for your savior today your name will be known to God. A special book will be open in heaven and your name written in it.




This is a Psalm about God's power over everything. Imagine you hiding under God's protection like a little chick under moms big feathers. Nobody can reach you until they pass by mother hen. But when we come to the creator of the earth, the sea, the elements , the skies, the weather, the people, we can surely know we are under his true cover.

God created all, therefore he knows where all buttons are and what they do. Let us today receive the strength of the Lord and rest in his Perfect protecting arm.


The month of February is a very good month for figuring how the rest of the year will be. In January you probably wondered whether your plans were truly what they were! But by February you are now saying , Lord, you are with me. The most important thing about moving on is to have the Almighty God with you. Regardless of the troubles you face, the challenges you g through, put them all into the HUGE hands of GOD and keep moving forward.

The next thing is to Let God use whosoever, to make a way that is valuable and productive for him and you.

Rise and shine 

 I always wonder how things are in different parts of this universe. It is very true we see things from our own perspectives. Therefore there is much room for debate and even wishful thinking if we are to keep wondering or saying what we see or think. Be kind and let people say what they want. However , you sit down and start thinking of what God of Heaven and earth thinks and says.

God were to sit down with everything that he made , I wonder whether he would be sad?   We make it hart\d for ourselves to imagine our own ways. I just want to rest in what God says


Matthew 6:27-29
And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the  field, how  they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. 

27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.


I created the lilies . I know what they need even when they live for a very short time

Are you not better than the lilies?


It is a beautiful time in the life of all who have the Lord. Your pursuit is for him not to own the whole world. As we live, we daily see, we cannot depend on what we make. Therefore 

   Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3 5-6

I have found out it take first of all knowing what stage you and the Lord are. Every day we talk with God and tell him what in our heart and we believe we prayed and so all is well. Just remember this is a relationship  where possibilities are already available waiting for the taking. It is much easier to let go than try holding the reins.

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How is November treating you? I am glad for November because it  is a month full of praises and thanksgiving. Did you wake up wondering if things would remain just as they were yesterday?It is a great pleasure to wake up and find Jesus is still on the throne and making ways in every corner of the earth. This is the reason we wake up daily. The enemy of our soul would like to come to the scene with his daily accusations and tell say you have nothing to do or you are nothing, or you are ugly. That should not deter your moving forward. 

    Sometimes you may be told you are incapable of being anything that is worth anything. But I ask you to bring all that to the cross and lay it down. Leave it there and begin to list all the good things God says he is able to show you and do for you.  Regardless of what is happening against you, Father God is doing something for you right at this very moment. Trust in the perfect law of love perfect. That means you love the very people and persons who tell you all the wicked things. A person born of God has no pleasure in revenge. No, we have pleasure in loving all people.people. In the book of Isaiah no. 26 verse 3 the scriptures tells you and I  a very important thing. Listen to it. "though will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on on thee; because he /she trusteth in thee". Jesus wants us to trust him. That means we look to him and trust what his word says about us. Get strengthened in the word of god


If today was your best day ever-

What would you do today?

Thank God for creating me

If today was your best day ever-

Who would you call?

I'd call Jesus 

If today was your best day ever

What would you say?

I am great


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When you go through problems of life or hear bad news from radio, TV,  Newspaper or word of mouth, do not panic. Make a choice to turn to God as your first stop. You must turn to the Lord  first and connect to some of His specific promises. Check out these promises here. By clicking on the picture to go to promises.

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